Finding Happiness


Unlike everyday, the bus to my work seemed to be a bit packed and i had no option but to stand and venture through my journey. Hundred things going on in my head, a bus packed with strangers and a heavy bag on my shoulder, i was convinced this was going to be another bad day.

Listening but not actually hearing the usual songs from my playlist in my earphones, i watched as the bus stopped to let a lady and her son get off. I watched a guy help the lady out by carrying the child in her stead and placed him carefully outside the bus. The boy smiled and immediately, without realising, i smiled too. There was this sudden spread of delight all across my body. The bus took off. As the adrenaline pumped through my brain, i realised that it was a beautiful day.

A few minutes ahead the ride, more people started squeezing themselves in the bus to reach their destination. In this city, i thought, everyone was busy; busy to not even have seen that kid’s radiant smile that healed any mundane heart. I pitied all those in the vehicle who were blind to have not seen the simple yet kind act of help portrayed by the guy for an unknown stranger. All such feelings were overwhelming me when the bus suddenly stopped and i got a firm smack on my forehead by an elbow. Forgetting every joyful emotions, immense anger triggered inside me. So i looked up to see whose hand it was to give him an earful when i saw it was the same guy who helped the kid out of the bus.

Thoughts started swimming in my head. While i anticipated that it was the child’s illuminating smile led by the genuine act of affection carried out by the man was the reason of my happiness, i realised it was the same guy who now had driven rage inside me. The source was one, but emotions different. In reality, it was neither the boy nor the man who spread a smile on my face. It was not the man’s elbow that had put an end to that joy. It was in fact my own choice to see things the way i want it to be. This ultimately gave me happiness and anger from the same source.

It has been told that happiness is not a destination, but a journey. However, we lack to discover that the journey is inside all of us. No one other than ourselves can make us feel happy and delighted about our existence. We can only make others happy when we indeed choose to be one. Though it doesn’t seem to last long, and whilst the reason to make you smile might change, it is up to you to see which way you want. Either you live convinced that happiness is short-lived and be miserable, or you learn that happiness can be found even in the smallest things in life and live appreciating them. You keep yourselves guarded from short lived happiness or you acknowledge that joy is only a handful and it is a waste of time remaining unhappy. Happiness and sadness, faces of two inseparable friends always come together. It is however your decision to make which looks prettier on your face.

“You look really happy today”, said my colleague as i walked through my office’s door.

“Do i?”

“Yes. Did something good happen to you?”

“Not exactly.” I said as i took my seat next to her. “For a change, just chose to be happy”.


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